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Welcome to the Tidal Waves!

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Modified Swim Season Details

**********  UPDATE 5/29/20  *********

I’m ecstatic to announce that last night the MUD Board approved the Tidal Waves 2020 modified season. There will be additional information released over the coming days but included here is all the critical information so far:

  • Schedule:
    • Final Day to Register: Friday 5/29 @ 7:00 PM → Tell your friends!!
    • First Day of Practice (New Swimmers): 6/3
    • First Day of Practice (Returning Swimmers): 6/4
    • Last Day of Practice: 7/10
    • The current rules do not allow for traditional swim meets. If the rules change favorably during the modified season it may be possible to do a Time Trial or Blue v. Green meet at the end of the season.
    • Please have your swimmer(s) wait in your vehicle until the Board opens the gate for the next practice, please avoid gathering at the gate
  • Finances:
    • The season is being shortened by about 30%, so families participating in the modified season are being offered a refund of about 30% on registration fees (not Insurance or Out of District fees). Refunds will also include any merchandise purchases made at registration.
    • Some fees the team pays are fixed, regardless of duration of the season. If families can forgo a refund as a donation to the team it would be most helpful. Please, of course, do whatever is in the best interest of your family.
    • Refunds may take up to 14 days to process
    • You will receive an email with a Google Form to request a refund or indicate a donation (or partial donation) to the team, please fill this out regardless of whether you will be participating in the modified season or not, and whether you want a refund or not. This form is the best way to indicate you will not be participating in the modified season.
      • This form needs to be filled and returned by the end of June 2nd, or we will assume your child will be participating.
  • COVID Procedural Changes - As you can imagine, a number of procedural changes will be in place to keep everyone as safe as possible during the season. A full handout of changes will be distributed at the beginning of the season
    • No parents will be allowed inside the fenced pool area to ensure we stay within the pool capacity limits set by the MUD. Parents need to remain outside the pool area around the fence or in their cars observing social distancing precautions
    • Board Members will be on hand to sanitize key elements of the pool area after each practice
    • Coaches will remain on the side of the pool during practice, not in the pool as in past years, nor will there be junior coaches this year:
      • Need to enter and get ready without a parent with them
      • Need to be able to swim back and forth without the coaches/junior coaches in the water
      • If you believe your swimmer may not be ready for these responsibilities then they may wish to wait until next year to swim with us when we, hopefully, will be back to normal.
  • Swimmers will come in through the main entrance of the pool and leave through the back gates near where concessions is typically located during meets to help minimize contact
    • Please have your swimmer(s) wait in your vehicle until the Board opens the gate for the next practice, please avoid gathering at the gate
  • Swimmers, parents, coaches, and Board members are all expected to stay home if they have not been fever-free for 24 hours or feel ill
  • Swimmers will not be able to change clothes at the pool, they must arrive and leave in their swimsuits. They may wear cover-alls and simply take them off in the pool area. Per county rules, the bathroom may not be used as a locker room.
  • Families will be receiving a waiver via docusign with specific sections for the challenges faced this year. This document must be signed and returned before your swimmer(s) can enter the pool area on the first day of practice.
  • Equipment will not be shared amongst swimmers. Please bring your own caps, goggles, fins, and kickboards. We will be selling used kickboards at practice for $5 while supplies last! For sanitation reasons, the equipment in the closet will not be accessible. Please label your equipment.
  • Coaches will do their best to space out the kids within each lane. There will be no more than three at each end of each lane. Please talk to your kids about social distancing both in the water and on the pool deck. We are following State and County rules regarding the number of people inside the gate.

We’re looking forward to starting the season next week! Please be on the lookout for the emails I mentioned over the next few days and let us know if you have any questions not answered above.

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2019 Division IV Champions!!

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