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Welcome to the Tidal Waves!

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Swim Season Update

************  UPDATE 3/26/21  *************


With the MUD Board meeting approving the schedule and deciding on the pool’s capacity on 3/24, the Tidal Waves Board met last night to finalize plans for the season. Some of the key decisions made by the MUD:

  • The proposed schedule posted on the Tidal Waves website and blasted out last week was approved by the MUD
  • The pool capacity is raised to 175 people

With those numbers and being mindful of COVID, distancing, etc. we will be far closer to a normal season. We have listed the key points of the 2021 season below. We hope that we get our Tidal Waves families back with us this year but we completely understand that each family must make the decision that’s right for them. If you feel like the decisions below aren’t the best fit for your family we understand but hope you’ll consider rejoining us next season.


  • Swimmers will not be required to wear masks/face shields inside the gates during practices
  • Coaches are not required to wear masks inside the gates during practice unless in the water, at which point face shields will be required
  • Parents will not be able to go into the gates during practice. While it would not be prohibited based solely on numbers, practices were very smooth in the 2020 season and the low numbers helps to ensure smooth transitions and no lingering, which does help keep the numbers lower. Additionally, there will still be no pool furniture within the gates so it should be about as comfortable inside as outside the gates.


Meet schedule is posted.  To be mindful of pool capacity and COVID distancing, there are several steps we are taking to ensure optimal flow in and out of the gated area to ensure everyone gets to swim and to see their swimmers in the pool. The Board is working on space allocation outside the gate to ensure all TW and opposing team tents will fit.

  • Some of the ready benches will be outside the gated area, only the last few before reaching the block will remain in their customary positions
  • Parents will be able to flow into the pool area to see there swimmer’s heat but we would ask that they leave the pool area once their swimmer is done
  • All non-swimmers must wear masks or face shields while in the gated pool area
  • Swimmers are strongly encouraged to wear face shields or masks while in their pits. If parents would prefer to keep their swimmers in their own tent with them that is perfectly fine, but the parents would then be responsible for ensuring that the swimmer makes it to their ready bench on time.
  • Pits will be outside the pool area to maximize the number of family members watching each heat. The one exception may be the 6U & 7/8 tents. If feasible, the Board will try to keep the tents for the littles inside the gates. Parents are still able to keep their littles with them if they’d like, but will still be responsible for getting kids to ready benches on time.
  • One thing to be aware of are relays. We will still have relays but in terms of extra judges, more kids per lane, etc., relays will strain the capacity. To address this, we will keep more of the relay heats outside the gate than we would during individual events. In doing so, we will maintain the same number of kids in the pool area though relay events may progress more slowly than families are accustomed to.

Masks (Summary of Above)

  • Swimmers do not need to wear masks inside the gated area during practice or meets, except the 6U & 7/8 swimmers when in their pits - in which case masks or face shields are strongly recommended
  • Meets: All non-swimmers must wear masks or face shields when in the gated pool area
  • Practice: Coaches will be required to wear face shields when in the pool with swimmers. Board members will be in and out of the gated area to clean, address issues, etc. but otherwise only swimmers and coaches will be in the pool area during practice.

New Families

  • Swim tests will be conducted at the pool from 10 - 11 on 4/10 and 4/17. Please arrive there to test and register.
  • Prices:
    • First Swimmer: $205
    • Second Swimmer: $185
    • Each Add’l Swimmer: $155

Practice times are posted on website.

Thank you so much for considering being part of the Tidal Waves family, either returning or for the first time. We hope you’ll join us this season, but if you feel that this isn’t the season to join us we hope you’ll think of us again next year.


Tidal Waves Board

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2019 Division IV Champions!!

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