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Team Tips


Is this your first time to participate on a swim team? As always, if you still have questions, please ask a Board Member!

Items to Bring:

Here is a list of things to bring to a swim meet. Since meets are so early, it is very helpful to pack most items the night before, so you can easily grab them in your rush out the door in the morning.

  • Tidal Waves Swim cap
  • Goggles
  • Tidal Waves Swim Suit
  • Sunblock
  • Hat
  • Shade for meets for your family. Some families bring canopies to set up for a group. The swimmers will have canopies. 
  • Newspaper, magazine, book, MP3 player to pass the time between your swimmer's events.
  • Highlighter and pen to find your swimmer's races on the heat sheets and write in their new times (if they ask for them after).
  • Heat sheet. These can be found on the website -- print them the night before.
  • Cooler with water and sports drinks
  • Healthy snacks, sandwiches, fruit for your swimmer
  • Chairs (for swimmer and adults)
  • Cell phone
  • Camera
  • Parent's swimsuit (if you swim in the parent-coach relay, which is during intermission at home meets as well as some away meets).
  • Bring a game for your child to hangout and play with other kids
  • Mister bottle to help keep cool.
  • Flashlight, since we generally arrive at meets before dawn.

Other Tips:

  • Have your child wear a sweatshirt in the morning. They are cold before the sun comes up, especially after warm-ups. 
  • Bring an old quilt or "neat sheet" for the tent. The younger kids really like sitting on the quilt together to play. (It definitely will get dirty, so it must be washable).
  • In addition to Gameboys, books, etc., bring activities that kids can play with together (and that won't be damaged if it gets wet), such as chess sets, Polly Pockets, crafts (beading, drawing), Mad Libs, Velcro catching mitts, LEGO. Playing together and making friends is a big part of the fun of a swim meet. Please refrain from sending footballs, lacrosse sticks, or anything where the kids need space and a lot of energy. We want them to save their energy for their races!
  • Train your small child to wear their goggles around their neck like a necklace. Having an extra pair in the swim bag isn't a bad idea either.
  • Lane Four Swim Shop will let you open and try on goggles. Different faces need different goggles so it's a good idea to to let your child try them on for comfort before you buy them. Preferred googles: 
    • Speedo vanquisher
    • Speedo speed socket
    • Speedo air seal XR
    • Tyr velocity
    • Nike remora
    • A bungee is highly recommended
    • Vanquisher/vanquisher 2.0/vanquisher jr are the MOST recommended.
  • Definitely bring your own chair; the chair your child uses will get wet.
  • For little girls with long hair, placing hair in a ponytail or braid will help with getting their cap on and off between races.
  • Print the heat sheet the night before and highlight events (some use different color highlighters per child).
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